About Interim Deal

Globalization brings significant challenges for every organization in the world. With the right people, organizations are abler to keep up with these developments. Interim Deal offers support to firms who are in need of professionals. Since 2009, we are specialised in the secondment of employees with high quality profiles in prominent branches. We are an innovative enterprising company with specialists who are result-oriented, deliver quality and who have an eye for details.

What We Do

The lack of professionals in each sector nowadays is continuously increasing, our support is therefore coming from both sides: the Netherlands and countries abroad. You are always assured of experienced specialists who feel comfortable in every environment and each company or organisation. Our endeavour is to offer quality to our clients and candidates. We are straining every nerve to find suitable candidates for open vacancies. In this regard we believe that it is important for our personnel to focus on their tasks, while at the same time motivating and improving themselves. One can always reach Interim Deal for professionals who could start to find solutions at their place to improve their company.

As Interim Deal, we are ensuring a viable match between our candidates and clients. Everyone has its own background in which he is specialised, our clients therefore know that we can offer optimal services. With our passionated team, we are working on various projects. We are therefore always interested in ambitious starters and experienced leaders who would be willing to work with us.