At Interim Deal we strive to create sustainable, long-term matches between our professionals and our clients. We understand the importance of finding the right person with the right specialization and background, who perfectly matches the needs of our clients. Our team of motivated professionals is involved in various projects, which means that we are interested in both ambitious starters who want to grow and experienced professionals who want to share their expertise. We believe in building strong relationships and delivering custom solutions that meet the unique requirements of both our professionals and our clients.


There is a major shortage of specialists and the demand for professionals continues to grow, both in permanent employment and self-employed. Finding suitable and experienced professionals is an increasing challenge for companies. Interim Deal responds to this by mediating professionals nationally and internationally, so that clients can always count on experienced professionals who can easily adapt to any organization.


It is our mission to provide structural added value for both our professionals and our clients. We do this by making every effort to find a suitable professional for every vacancy. We attach great importance to motivating and binding our affiliated professionals, so that they remain motivated at work and can continue to develop at the same time. At Interim Deal you will find professionals in the field of ICT, Technology and Project Management that you can hire for hybrid, remote or location work.