We see that institutions benefit from new technology and business models

The developments in business models and technology, digitalization and the emergence of different branches and solutions in the field of financial technology have recently started to significantly change the financial services sector. We notify that institutions benefit from new technology and business models in many areas, from channel management to operations and from risk management to consultancy. Within this context, the profiles on which we concentrate are accordingly:

  • Corporate Banking: portfolio management, marketing, product management, business development, branch support, strategy
  • Asset Management: investment consultancy portfolio manager, branch support, asset manager, product development, strategy
  • Cash Management, Foreign Trade and Investment Banking: Mergers and acquisitions, public offering, privatization consulting, debt instrument issuance consultancy, financial consultancy, financial valuation, project finance, investment finance consultancy, financial restructuring, strategic sector and country research studies
  • Loans: analysis, credit allocation, credit tracking and monitoring, intelligence, collection
  • Operation: accountants, foreign trade operation, treasury operation
  • Risk Management / Compliance: market risk, credit risk, operational risk, internal audit
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In our Human Resources strategy, which is basically developed with the desire for talent discovery, we explore the potentials and abilities of individuals and position them in the most correct way.

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