Knowledge migrant - Expat

Knowledge migrant - Expat

Are you considering hiring a knowledge migrant (Expat)? Let us help you with that! At Interim Deal we make the process of hiring knowledge migrants in the Netherlands easier and more efficient. As a recognized referent with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), we take responsibility for remuneration, compliance with laws and regulations, conditions and administrative tasks. This allows you as a company to obtain the necessary knowledge quickly and without hassle, even if it is not immediately available in the Netherlands.

Back office partner for Knowledge Migrants

There are certain conditions attached to employing a knowledge migrant. As an employer, you must be a recognized referent with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) before you can employ a knowledge migrant. As a recognized referent, you are authorized to submit the application for a residence permit for the expat. This ensures that you comply with all administrative and legal obligations associated with hiring a knowledge migrant. Interim Deal specializes in this. We are ready to support you as a back-office partner in mediating knowledge migrants.

Unburden the mediation of Knowledge Migrants

In collaboration with us, we will take over all administrative tasks for you. This includes the immigration process, drawing up employment contracts and invoicing the professional. Together we form the mediation agency: You focus on selecting the proposed candidates, we take care of the rest. The time and attention you save in our collaboration can be fully spent on attracting knowledge (migrants) for your open positions.