• Ref Utrecht
  • Position Technical Implementation Manager
  • Company Interim Deal

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Job Details

Position Overview:
As a Technical Implementation Manager, your role revolves around ensuring the seamless execution of technical implementations, particularly focusing on Low Code solutions, within the client's environment. Operating partly on-premise in Utrecht, Netherlands, you'll be instrumental in orchestrating the successful deployment of projects, including meticulous data migration, for the client, CIZ.

Key Responsibilities:
Your primary responsibilities include:

Mapping Activities: You'll be tasked with comprehensively identifying and documenting all essential activities both within and outside the project scope necessary for a successful technical implementation, with a particular emphasis on data migration.

Accurate Execution: The accurate execution of the technical implementation process is pivotal to your role. You'll utilize a meticulously prepared and approved technical implementation script to ensure precision and efficiency.

Risk Management: Identifying potential risks associated with the technical implementation process is crucial. You'll assess these risks, propose mitigating measures, and actively manage them to minimize disruptions and ensure smooth progress.

Enable Management Transition: Post-implementation, you'll ensure that the management organization is equipped to seamlessly take over responsibilities. This involves ensuring that all necessary systems, processes, and personnel are in place for efficient ongoing management.

Go/NoGo Decisions: Organizing and facilitating Go/NoGo decision points is part of your role, where you'll assess the readiness of the project for progression and make informed recommendations.

Issue Resolution: In the event of challenges or issues arising during the technical implementation phase, you'll be responsible for assembling the appropriate personnel and resources to swiftly address and resolve them.

Stakeholder Communication: Maintaining transparent communication with stakeholders is essential. You'll provide regular updates on the project's status at predetermined intervals, ensuring all relevant parties are informed and aligned.

Key Requirements:
To excel in this role, you should possess the following qualifications and attributes:

Proven Experience: Demonstrable experience in technical implementation management is essential, showcasing your proficiency in overseeing complex deployment projects.
Pragmatic & Driven: You should embody a pragmatic, results-driven approach with a proactive attitude, ready to tackle challenges head-on.
Customer Focus: A strong orientation towards customer satisfaction and delivering tangible results is paramount.
Solution-Oriented: Your ability to think critically and devise effective solutions to overcome obstacles will be invaluable.
Holistic Perspective: While maintaining a high-level overview of projects, you should also possess the capability to delve into details when necessary.
Collaborative Leadership: Being adept at bringing diverse stakeholders together and fostering collaboration is key to your success in this role.
Effective Communication: Clear and concise communication skills are essential for keeping stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the implementation process.
Overall, as a Technical Implementation Manager, you'll play a pivotal role in ensuring the successful execution of technical projects, driving efficiency, and facilitating seamless transitions for the client.